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Qotw: What’S Your Family Like?

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I'm fortunate to have a very supportive family.  Mom and Dad always want to see the latest work and comment on it. Mom often leaves with a piece to adorn her home (she has many) at the "I gave birth to you" price.


Mom has contracted me to make things for her friends and has passed out cards as much if not more than I.


Family members will take photos of ceramics during their travels to inspire me.


During college I had an interesting conversation with my father on the topic of "what do you want to do?" I told him I wanted to write poetry. He thought for a while (perhaps thinking of his daughter who got a history degree but didn't go into teaching, or the other son who went to the culinary academy, but didn't become a chef.) He looked at me and said, "go into marketing. You can write on the weekend. Being poor is no fun." While I don't write much anymore I do get me artistic outlet with my pottery and I get to share it with my loving family.


I had an aunt who passed away and she was the best. She was always very interested in my work. Some thought her comments and questions too abrupt or even rude, but I always felt she just asked the hard questions to get me to think deeper about what and why I was doing something.


So...what is my family like?  They are awesome! Don't get me started on how awesome my wife is.....

Marc Mc

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