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Pottery Knowledge Quiz Of The Week (Pkqw): Week 1 And Introduction/answers Included

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Hi folks,

I was going to introduce this on Thursday, but decided that may be too late in the week, so I will do it on Wednesdays.

I would like to introduce the Pottery Knowledge Quiz of the Week. This will be a four to five question quiz of general knowledge. Most of the questions can be answered probably off the top of your head, but then again maybe not. I have an extensive library, and will use a different book each week to help me with questions, and make certain I am technically correct. I will list the book that I use for the week so that if you want to find the answers, you can use the text. I will not use questions already written anywhere, but will dig into the material for questions. Hope this goes over well,




Pottery Knowledge Quiz of the Week (PKQW):


Week 1

  1. Egyptian paste is a single fired, high flint earthenware that develops its own glaze from ___________ _________ carried to the surface from evaporation.

    a. excess alumina

    b. soluble salts

    c. added bentonite

    d. sodium silicate

  2. Clay saggars for multiple firings may be made using a clay body that is high in __________ to prevent warping.

    a. lithium

    b. alumina

    c. mullite

    d. earthenware

  3. There are no federal standards for labeling ware “dishwasher safeâ€, yet modern day dishwashers pose two threats to ceramic dinnerware.

    Physical attack caused by a combination of __________________________results in crazing.

    a. vibration and sonic resonance

    b. alkaline detergents and water

    c. high speed water jets and soak periods

    d. high heat and moisture

  4. Many of us have been taught that wedging clay removes air bubbles that cause explosions, often dramatic, in the bisque fire. The true culprit for the “blow up†is __________________.

    a. poorly wedged clay

    b. poor uniformity of clay

    c. insufficient drying of ware

    d. bone dry ware


This weeks questions were taken from text in Answers to Potters Questions II, Ceramics Monthly.

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I'll admit I couldn't answer 3 off the top of my head. However, I did have a book to help me out.


Answers posted next week when we go to week 2. Horn in folks, let me know how you feel about this idea. Hope some will look at it like a crossword puzzle- a little check on your knowledge.





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At first my inner rebel kicked in and she said to Self, "Self, you ain't not goin' back to school and no one can make you." Then Self consulted with Miss Smarty-pants, who decided the only way to go was simply to ace the test. So she did. By copying off Mark C.'s paper. 



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I am glad to hear that other have to have their cup of coffee in the morning to get the brain cells stimulated. I have to have mine too, but it needs to be 3 cups! :rolleyes: . Not to give anything away but we have some winners! Am I making this too easy?





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Mark and Lee: it's a quiz, not a contest. Nobody has to go back to school and Mark, sorry, but nobody get's anything beside lot's of fun.


I think Pres' idea of this quiz absolutely great and I am thankful that he thought of this opportunity for us all to challenge our brain.


My answers are:


1) I don't know, and I admit it

2) B

3) I don't have a dishwasher, but I'll go for A

4) C, definitely!


This is fun! Can't wait to see the solutions next week, and the new questions!


Thanks Pres!



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Just arrived back in Texas to sort out some of the remains in our house before selling it. Even though I've been up since 3 and am having wine now before dinner, I'll go with 



b  I think it is the alkaline in the water or detergent. It has taken the outside finish off my sauce pans


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