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My dear friends


The time has come to say goodbye... well, no, that's too melodramatic... Let's start again:


This will be my last QOTW. From next week on, my dear colleague Pres is taking over. It was two very interesting years with you all. Thank you from all my heart for your contributions, posts and for your loyalty!


Some of you helped me out when I was under time pressure and sent me ideas for questions, and all helped with the moderating. My kudos to you!


QOTW: would you be interested in submitting questions for your fellow potters? Don't send the questions now, just give me your thoughts about including the forum members more in the QOTW.


I will stay on the forum and will meet you again on Pres'QOTW thread.


A big thank you to Pres for immediately saying yes to taking over this thread. You are a dear friend, Pres!


Love to you all! :wub:



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evelyne, it has been a great two years, seems only yesterday you took on this job.  you have done it well and i am sure all of us are grateful to you. 


just to be sure, you are simply moving in a different direction, this step is not taken because of a health problem, right?

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Only just met you but best wishes on your next endeavor. Your smiling face on your icon helped banish some of the trepidation I had over participating on the forums.

I'd be happy to ask questions, and personally I don't need a special thread for that, but others might and it sounds like a great idea.

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oldlady: thank you for your kind words! No health problems here, apart from my fixed but still hurting foot I am healthy as a horse. I simply don't have enough time to moderate the QOTW as you all deserve it. Sometimes I've posted a question and then didn't have the time to answer your posts. I didn't like that at all. I will follow Pres' QOTW and will stay in touch with you all. Hugs to you!


Yappystudent: welcome to the QOTW! It makes me happy to read that my smiling face was helping you along. I hope to see you regularly posting here now. Don't hide, we need more people who are open minded. See you around!


Lee: I hope Pres is reading your comment. Otherwise I'll tell him. Hugs


Nerd: just wait and see what Pres has up his sleeve. I am very glad you helped me so many times! Hugs to you


Mea: thank you for your kind words. Your appreciation means a lot to me. It was a pleasure spending time with you all!


Joseph: and thank YOU for your help and for your friendship!


Mark: you and all my fellow forum potters are very welcome! Are you still in Vietnam?


Awwww, I am out of "likes" for today. Will continue tomorrow.....

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Starting Tuesday, March 28th of 2017 I will be hosting the QOTW. I will post a question on Tuesday, and I will also be posting a pinned strand for folks to submit a question of the week. My reason for doing this is that I, like everyone else have my own preferences and areas of exploration. By requesting questions from those of you out there that have such a wide range of interests, we will have a much broader spectrum than if I posted only my own. I will reserve the right to choose from the listing, and maybe reward when I believe the question can be better written, but that is all. If there are no questions available, I will come up with one as with the post on the 28th.





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