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Standard Ceramics Iron Red

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I am a beginning potter with lots to learn. I recently purchased an Iron Red glaze from Standard Ceramics but I have not been able to get it to fire to an iron red color. It is has always turned out a very dark, almost black, brown. My question is for any of you out there who have used this glaze with some success. How did you do it?

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I've not used that glaze. However, from your description, it might be the glaze application was on the thin side. Try a thicker glaze application. Make a couple of test tiles and apply glaze in various thicknesses and see which one looks best. I do use a commercial iron red from another source and they recommend firing to a "hot" cone 6.


In looking at the Standard Ceramics website, it appears the glaze breaks to black on edges -- where it would be thinner. Also, the suggested specific gravity is 1.47 -- which is a bit thicker than other glazes. Iron reds also benefit from a slow cooling -- and some potters program in a hold during cooling to promote growth of the iron crystals.

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