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11 hours ago, neilestrick said:

Industrial machines are dangerous, but can be made pretty safe as long as people don't disarm the safety systems.

Not industrial, but the table saw I have at home, is probably from the '40s or '50s.  It is just a table/ bench unit, that someone attached to a pedestal (Former dinning table center post/ support) on casters.  That thing has zero safety features at all.  I think during the time period that was made, had anyone hurt themselves on it, the doctors would have just prescribed cigarettes...

I haven't had many issues (Other than a bit of kickback that gave me a bruise) because I am super careful with.  I have thought about installing a kill switch at the waist level that I could bump with my thigh, in case the unthinkable happened and the blade got me.

15 hours ago, Pres said:

Duh. .. I remember in the day when I used a Walker pug mill where the prof had removed the kick bar, and the top grid cover. . .  and the tamper to push the clay into the machine.  Not good when someone slipped on the wet floor as it always was around the pug mill.


Some people will dismantle anything safety device for their own convenience.

The Walker I had at one of my rooms, had a wood wedge that bypassed the top "cage" mechanism.  I was the only one allowed to throw clay in the hopper if the machine was on.  The push bar safety was functional, and I regularly bumped it while using the arm to press the clay into the auger. 

That machine was awesome!

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On 3/26/2021 at 10:31 AM, neilestrick said:

I forgot about that.


On the two button machines, they were great for so much. However, where I worked nights as an aircraft parts fabricator in horseheads NY, the high speed cut offs were like that, but the blades were brittle. One broke once cutting up the operators arm pretty bad as it hit an artery. Luckily someone nearby was good with a tourniquet and ambulance was not far away because it was on the other side of an airport.

Safety devices are great for so much, and inconvenient, but I would much rather deal with the inconvenience than the death from someone too untrained or stupid do do things safely.

@neilestrickI like the pressure matts, didn't know such a thing existed. I imagine they could be made to reverse, like as for a closet light etc.




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