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Raku Proposal For School

Tyler G

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14 hours ago, Benzine said:


I used some fine sawdust, from some sanding I did at home.  No issues at all, and I thought the resulting colors turned out well.  I actually had a combustion issue, like you mentioned, with newspaper.  I took the lid off, to add some extra paper, we had ready, and WHOOSH.  Luckily it didn't doing other thing, other than startle a few people namely me.  

I will note, that fine sawdust mixed with air, like when throwing it towards a ignition source, will cause rapid combustion of it, and a bit of a fireball.  If you use the the fine dust as a bed, you wouldn't have to worry about the flare up.    The fine dust can create interesting effects, when a clump of it, makes it onto a ware, without fully combustion.  The clump forms a layer of insulating ash around itself, and gives that spot more of a reduction look.

I've liked the results with dried leaves, corn stalks, and of course, newspaper.  I'm not a big fan of courser sawdust.  I haven't had it give me the results I am looking for, and it tends to leave rougher reduction spots, than other materials.  I'm sure others have had great success with the coarser stuff, it just doesn't work for me.

Yes. There was fine sawdust in the can when a student pulled open the lid for an incoming pot. The lid pulled up some fine dust and WHOoSH! Startled all of us. I prefer straw for my own work. I like the variation of colors.



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