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Commercial Cone 6 Porcelain & Decoration With Blue Glaze


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A friend has asked me what kind of cone 6 commercial blue glaze would be used on mid-fire porcelain to get a look at least somewhat similar to the Delft and Chinese blue and white pieces one sees in books/museums. He mentioned liking the slightly "blury" effect but I don't know enough to respond. He wants to do it on a slab with bas-relief carving, not a round vessel.


Important to note that the question is from someone with limited experience and who is not looking to try anything too complicated. Me, I'd probably just get an assortment of blue glazes and go for it, but maybe there is a more precise approach to be suggested. And for my own curiosity...is a fine white stoneware without grit of any use for the white and blue effect, or is porcelain the key? Thanks.  

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I use a cone 5 porcelain slip as a white coating on outside surfaces of cone 10 stoneware fired in gas kiln. 


The slip is usually applied with a brush while still on the wheel, or when the slabs are given their final compression.  Thickness matters -  mostly due to drying issues.  A layer sufficient to cover the grog and color of the stoneware works OK. 


It is cheaper than white underglaze since I have about 50 pounds of rock hard cone 5 porcelain left over from previous ventures into cone 5 firing. 


I also use cone 5 red clay as a dark slip over cone 10 porcelain fired to cone 10.  


As Robin Hopper once told me: Try it and see what happens!



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