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Crafty Ideas For Ceramic Insulators

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hi...im a beginner in ceramics...who has boxes of ceramic insulators...


i plan on using them as candles...etc...


im curious as to any techniques ppl know of that might help me reglaze or re work the surface of the insulators...


i have so many...it doesnt matter is any get damaged...im after ideas like repainting...melting glass...ink...dye...heat gun...blow torch...


is there a way to crackle a glazed piece...?...or repattern the surface...with colour or design...


preferrably without re firing...because our kiln needs work before we can use it...


all ides or scepticism welcome...





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What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? Functional, decorative....?

well either...i have a few ideas about resetting them in wood as candleabras...i guess u could put a brass handle and brace and use them as pretentious cups..lol...but in terms of pottery im not sure...i do plan to fill alot of them as candles...but now im just finding out what is or isnt possible...


re lazing an item...any tips about this...?

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Hi Nectarine


If you read any of the threads in this part of the forum, you will see there are many "depends".


What temperature were they fired at to turn them from clay to bisque?  And what is their maturing temperature, also their COE?


If you don't know these answers anything you try may or may not work.  Each clay has a given firing range, as does each glaze.


If you use a high-fire glaze on low-fire clay and fire too hot, the clay itself may slump/melt into a puddle.

If you use a low-fire-glaze and fire low, then the clay and glaze may not fit each other and the glaze could shiver off if it is to big for the clay, or craze if too small.


When the rest of the members wake up and add their comments, they will probably tell you to forget about glazing and re-firing these unless you know more about them.  You could of course test, test, test, making sure to put your tests into a shallow bowl, so if they do melt you don't ruin your kiln shelves.


Probably the best solution is to use acrylic or enamel or china paints, maybe with a clear spray to seal them, and forget about re-firing them. 

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Here is an old film about the manufacture of ceramic insulators.



They were porcelain, back in the day when porcelain was only high-fire, before mid-fire had been invented. You say you have a lot of them. Go ahead and try anything you want to.



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