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Hi all,


about 2 years ago I was asking about a way to make oval templates to a predetermined size.  some one on the forum made a program to do this.  I have not been able to find the post about this.  Does anyone remember this or know of a free program to create oval templates?

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Here is the article I wrote for PMI

Can't say I sit have that issue.This starts with making the ovals and then going to make oval hump molds


I had illustrations for making an oval hump mold in PMI.

It is the same idea as RonSa's diagram, taught to me by Papa Renzetti.



You put a piece of paper on top of a board. hammer in 2 nails and put a string tied in a loop longer than the distance between the 2 nails. Use a pencil to pull the string around the loop while tracing a line onto the paper. You can adjust the size by moving the nails or tightening or loosening the string.

Having trouble getting a tiff to show as a photo. it will download. 59k image


Here is info to find the article. I attached material to the oval frame I made with the previously mentioned method. Then I stretched material over the framed and stapled it loose enough to sag when filled with plaster. The sides were pretty similar.


Title: Over the Hump

Author: Marcia Selsor

Creating and using oval drape molds. Pages: 31-34

Pottery Making Illustrated

Volume: 11

Issue: 3

Issue Date: May/June 2008

Artists work shown:

Marcia Selsor



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If you have access to Microsoft Word...look on the drawing toolbar.  An oval is one of the Auto Shapes.  You can stretch it all directions and make it as large as your paper. You can also set the line thickness so that when you print it, it's easy to cut out.   


If you think you'll use the shape a lot, attach it to poster board (or cereal box cardboard) with rubber cement prior to cutting out the shape.  Then cut on the line.  They last a long time.

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