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Rolling Stamps


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I occasionally use rolling stamps as decoration tools when throwing. Kemper sells some nice big wooden stamps that utilize a two piece wooden yolk to hold interchangeable rolers. Problem is the yolk is so wide sometimes it's difficult fitting it where you want the design without the side of the yolk digging into your pot and the yolk blocks the view while applying the design a little bit. I made a fix on mine by just using one side of the yolk and switching the roller rod with a large screw (I put a dab of epoxy on the end of the machine screw), finally I filed the head of the screw flat. An old 3/8 box wrench and handle from a pizza cutter works even better (same screw + nut and lock nut).


Also, I used a belt sander to take the nub off one side of the stamp.


My tablet won't post pictures here for some reason so I will try to post in the gallery.

Rebooted and uploaded...


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Thanks, Denice... works much easier this way and I guess if you wanted to be able to change rollers with the same handle it wouldn't be to tough to place a threaded brass insert into the handle.


Frank, when using the kemper yolk half I drilled a tight hole through, ran the screw in and then backed the screw out to give room for the epoxy to go in the hole opposite (away) from the roller. The screws were stolen from some hollow wall anchers I had in the studio.


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