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Please Help Me Price My Native American Pottery

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Hi, my name is Celinda and I'm new to this forum.

My dad is having a rough time financially right now so he's having me sell some of his items on eBay. One of the items is a beautiful native american vase by Robin Sanchez Aragon. I was hoping some of you nice people Ceramic Arts Daily could tell me if I have it priced correctly or if I'm way off. I read the FAQ & it says I can't put a link to my eBay listing, so instead I'm posting a picture of the piece & the description. I've priced it at $345.00 based on another piece by her that is going for 429 Euros ($455) elsewhere on the internet. I'll thank you in advance for any help.


Here's the description:


This extraordinarily fine vase from my father's collection was hand-made by Robin Sanchez Aragon. It comes from the famous Aragon family of potters. It was created using the traditional "thin wall" method. It's typical of the pottery from the Acoma Pueblo. The Acome, the "People on the White Rock", compete with the Hopi Pueblo to be the oldest inhabited settlement in North America. Known for its beautiful pottery, the small settlement is situated on a flat "table-top" mountain. Typically, geometric patterns with hand-hatched surfaces are integrated into plant and animal motifs, as in the present case. It was coated with a soot-colored black clay milk. Into the dried black surface, the motifs are then carved from free hand with a fine stylus. This difficult technique does not allow for the slightest error or slip-up. The result is an impressive piece of art, which is 14 inches wide, 14 inches high and 3 inches deep. The oval base is roughly 3 inches by 6 inches. An interesting detail is the sound that is made when running your fingers along the back- it sounds exactly like the head of a drum and I'm sure if you were inclined to beat on it (which I wasn't) it would sound like the beat of a hand drum. This is truly a unique piece and without question the most amazing piece of Native American pottery I've ever encountered.


Thank you!!





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