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Clear Matte/satin Glaze Recommendations


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Hi all.


Can anyone please recommend some food safe, high fire, clear matte/satin glazes?  I'll be using it over fired underglaze on slipcast mugs I'm working on.  


Amaco recommended their SM-10 (https://www.amaco.com/products/glaze-sm-10-clear?ref=2&taxon_id=284) to me, so I'm going to try that out.  But I'd like to see what other people are using as well.


They can be dippable, sprayable, brushable - anything.  I just want to test some different products to find what I like best.


Also, I understand that the matte/satin clears aren't entirely crystal clear in the way that gloss clears are, but how much of a difference is there?


I'm relatively new to ceramics so any info will be helpful.


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amaco says this glaze is for cone 5/6.  


rob, many people have found that matte glaze is not a good choice for interiors used for food or drink.  for the exterior of a mug or bowl they are probably wonderful.


matte glazes can stain from coffee, soda and other things.  may be white originally but it can become ugly after use.


i wish you well but the forums are only one way of getting information.  there are many sources but new people may be too trusting to realize some info is not of value.

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Thanks.  I should be more specific.  


I'm looking for cone 5/6.  The glaze is for the exterior, not the interior.  I'm using regular black food safe glaze for the interior.  I realize that the food safe component isn't as important for the exterior of a mug, but I figured I'd rather go totally food safe interior and exterior.  


I'm making detailed underglaze work on the exterior and just want to be sure I don't use a matte/satin glaze over it that will look too soft/cloudy.  


I'm new to ceramics but I've been an artist for 20 years, so I can distinguish between good and bad info.  I'm just looking for suggestions I can experiment with to find what I like.  

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I've used the Mayco SW002 clear satin matte with good results on exteriors of ikebana vases.  It was applied over black underglaze and oxide stains used to highlight texture.  Clearness will depend on application and thickness -- whether satin, matte, or glossy. 



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Hi AfterlightRob,

I know that this is an old thread, but I'm starting a similar project using matte/satin clear glaze over underglazes, and so I was wondering if you had any update about your project - did you find a good glaze/underglaze combination (or have any learning experiences you could share)? I'd love to see photographs if you have them. Thanks! I hope your project turned out great.

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@Alyson, the op hasn't been on the forum for several years so it's doubtful he'll see your post. You could try pm him and see if he replies. (just click on his avatar name then near the top of his page there is an envelope, click that and follow the prompts)

If you are interested in mixing your own satin matte for use over underglazes there is a thread here discussing it here with a recipe link from @Bill Kielb 

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