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Hi all,

I'm in Montreal and am wondering if people have had success with air purifiers in the studio. We have an air vent connected to the window which we use for sanding and glaze mixing (and for the kiln of course), but I'm talking about general dust buildup and air quality. Our studio has about 20 members (kind of works like a gym but for ceramics) so it gets dusty really easily.

Do plug-in air filters/purifiers work to help take harmful dust particles out of the air? If so, which models do you all recommend? Low wattage is best as our electrical wiring is pretty sketchy and the fuse tends to break fairly often. Thanks!

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Hi Beardbangs,

Welcome to the forum! If you are looking for Air Cleaners, filtration systems, you should look at the following link.




I am not pushing Bailey on anyone, but have had a studio setup where one of their air cleaners was installed at my request. This worked extremely well to hold down the studio dust from a HS Ceramics studio that had about 100 students a semester working with clay. I can not stress enough the need for dust management in the studio/classroom for ceramics. At the same time, maybe John Baymore will step in on this strand and give you more advice, he is most up to date on studio environmental control on the forums.




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