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Glaze Recipes Cone 6


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Have small quantities of chemicals I inherited and need glaze recipes for cone 6.

These are the chemicals: red iron oxide, rutile frit, manganese carbonate, copper carbonate, cobalt carbonate, nickel carbonate, borax, feldspar custer, zinc oxide, bone ash, chrome oxide, albany slip and barnard blackbird slip.

What main ingredients are missing to make glazes?

Where can I find recipes to make best use of these chemicals?

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You have mostly colorants except for the borax, bone ash, and custer feldspar. If you are doing ^6 oxidation , you may need more fluxes like Dolomite, Nepheline Syenite, Gertsley Borate or a substitute, and the basic clays like Kaolin,Silica,ball Clay.

The best books for mod-range glaze recipes and understanding how things work are:

Mastering ^6 Glazes by John Hesselberth and Ron Roy

^6 Glazes by Michael Bailey

Mid Range Glazes by Jphn Britt



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