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Albany & Barnard Blackbird Slips

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I inherited a small amount of Albany slip and Barnard Blackbird slip in powder form - about 2 cups of each. I am working with stoneware and firing at cone 6 in an electric kiln. As I am new at this, are there easy recipes for these two slips anyone cares to share? These slips are best applied to wet, leatherhard or bisque ware?

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post-1954-0-29530200-1473849349_thumb.jpgHere are 2 recipes. I use the first one. The mug on the right has this glaze on the inside and top.



Andie’s Handful of Earth **(I use this with my cobalt green)

Red Art          50

Bernard Slip             25

#3134                             50


Glossy brick red breaking black and dark brown

great on porcelain , nice on stoneware


Old Gold Albany

Lithium Carb           10

Alberta Slip             78

Zircopax        12


Red Breaking tan and cream






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Cedar Heights Redart is mined by the Resco Corp. it is a red earthenware clay.

#3134 is a frit manufactured by the Ferro Corp.

If you do a search on almost any ceramic supplier's website, you'll find more information about these products.

Does this help?

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