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High School Seeking Kiln Donation


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I am a high school teacher in Priceville, Alabama. This is the second year for our brand new art program and the first year in our new art room. We have a kiln room, but no kiln. I want my students to have the opportunity to work with clay, but we don't have the money for a kiln and are still trying to build up our account with money to be able to maintain and purchase the basics. When I was at my former high school, we would get a call periodically when someone wanted to donate an old kiln they did not need anymore. We didn't need them at the time.  I thought it couldn't hurt to ask around on some of the online ceramics forums and see what I could find. Please let me know if you know of a good size kiln that needs a home.

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You could let area clay supply stores know of your school's need and put a notice up for a donation; same with contacting area clay guilds/groups and potters. Also, check with area military installations (morale/welfare/recreation office); they might have one in surplus from a discontinued program. Ditto for area universities. There are also a number of government auction sites that list pottery equipment.


Check also with the Alabama Clay Conference http://www.alclayconference.org/


Lastly, your school could consider a gofundme or similar fundraiser.

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There is a seemingly endless supply of used kilns out there, that people just want to get rid of.


My Elementary Art colleague had a kiln donated to one of his buildings.  It wasn't new, or top of the line, but it is in good condition, and fires reliably for him.


If you want a newer kiln, with bells and whistles, then yeah you will need to do some fundraising.  But if you want  a basic kiln, that may have a bit of age, you should be able to find quite a few, that you can get for next to nothing... Or even better, nothing.


Also, there are sites like govdeals.com and publicsurplus.com that have equipment that goes for fairly cheap.  They are auction sites, so there is no set amounts, but I've seen GOOD kilns go for $400.


Here is one, I just came across, that is about three hours from you:



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Remember, there's no such thing as a free kiln. Even if the kiln itself doesn't need any repairs, you'll have to have the electrical supply installed and some sort of venting system. Make sure you've got the budget for that.


Amen, make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing too. These things can kill you if not hooked up or repaired correctly. I have one here that almost killed someone who didn't know what they were doing. I'm not trying to frighten you, but whoever is going to install, fix or fire that thing needs to know what they are doing.








Bruce's idea of a fund raiser is excellent as well.





That should be easier than a bake sale now with technology.

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