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I fired a small bust sculpted with Laguna dark brown clay.

A piece broke off and I used Amaco Bisque Fix and applied what I was told was sufficient amount.

The bust was re-fired but the piece that was glued broke off again.

I will use an epoxy to repair but I have 3 questions:

1.should I remove the bisque fix prior to using epoxy?

2. what would I use to remove the Fix?

3. what epoxy would be best to use?

Appreciate any/all feedback-thanks!


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I am not well versed in this, but I have successfully used Super Glue, E6000, Gorilla Glue, and plain old Elmer's to adhere various fired bodies to each other. The context dictates what is best for the job, if I feel I can justify using an adhesive at all. . Be aware of the color (E6000 black is good for basaltic clay), whether it is OK if it foams (Gorilla), and the size/thickness of the pieces - I only use super glue or Elmer's for the tiniest mends that I know will never see water or much handling, and usually only on a piece I want to keep for my own reference. I have used a Dremel tool  post-firing to remove "spooze" that I put on too thickly.

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