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Newbie - Can Slip Cast Mold Be Cleaned Of Fungus?

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I'm new to ceramics (painting bisque pieces with stain mostly). I'd like to start pouring and firing my own pieces but had a question about caring for ceramic molds.


I found a used mold I'd like to buy for slip casting, but it looks like there might be a fungus growing in it (part of the mold is discolored, black). The seller says that the mold hasn't been poured in a long time, so it's unclear whether the discoloration/fungus would transfer to the green ware when poured.


Before I throw away good money on a possibly bad mold, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to clean or remove the discoloration/fungus without damaging the mold? 



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I'm a newbie myself but just had the same situation. I had some black marks from a stamp I used on porcelain. Most of the stamp was covered. Was told not to worry and sure enough, after firing it was back to pristine white.

So im guessing it would have to be some super-fungus to survive.

Paper clay often comes with mold growing on it.

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