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Wood Fired Bisque 06-04

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Preheat your bone dry pieces - slowly - in an oven first to absolute bone dry. You will still likely have some pore water, but will give you the best chance not to blow them up.


Also only put your thinnest pieces in - no doorstops. If you do these steps you may get away with it. If not, you will hear the telltale muffled pop, pop, pop...


As they say in pottery land, you haven't lived until you've blown a whole load of green pots to smithereens in a kiln. Shards can be pretty, though, if you arrange them just right....

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Guest JBaymore

Clean the ash residue (it won't be fluxed... but will "stick") off the pieces before glazing.  Otherwise you can get problems with glazes adhering to the surface well.


I wood fired bisque in a noborigama for many years in back chambers.





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