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Great video

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When I first started throwing I watched youtube videos non-stop. This video helped me to throw my first successful bowl! I really like the simple technique and although I rarely do bowls like this it deffinently helped me so I thought I would share.


I also love watching a guy on youtube who's username is youdanxxx and my all time favorite is sleach (Simon Leach) he really takes a lot of time to explain and is very helpful!



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I like the Yorkie Potter too. For a long time he was my favorite of the online pottery videos. But then I found Tim See.


Don't get me wrong, I still like the Yorkie Potter and he's still one of the best for instructional videos, but I've gotten a lot of really good information from Tim See's videos.



a long way towards helping me with some pain, fatigue, and back issues.


A lot of his videos are aimed at the beginner, but there is still useful information in there for folks who have been doing this for awhile. The Yorkie Potter's centering video is one of the best, but Tim See's centering videos are just a tad bit more informative.

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Here's my list of You-Tube subscriptions, in no particular order:




















fong choo - canderoso









One group that I do NOT watch is anything from Expert Village. I have a mental block against accepting anything from anybody who claims to be an expert. I'm funny that way. Sort of like those people who claim to be a Master Potter. I'm immediately skeptical.





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SShirley - thanks for the reply! I will have to look at some of their videos as well!



There are some misc. videos as well that I really like, there are a couple of hillbillies throwing whiskey jugs that I really like to watch.. .I have the hillbilly part down to a perfection now I just have to work on my throwing abbilities! laugh.gif

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Oh, I like that guy! Thanks for sharing. Love his close-ups and easy instructions!

Glad you shared this.


We have lousy internet connection, so I am only able to view these at work most

of the time, before I'm on the clock. Anything to make me look forward to going to

work is a good thing, LOL!



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