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The Battle Of The Bowls


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Hello All,

   We are curating a juried show of the best ceramic bowls in the U.S.  Are website is www.thebattleofthebowls.com and it has all the pertinent information.  There is a $250 award for the best of show.

  Our deadline for submission is August 1st, so show off those latest designs and all the proceeds go to Amherst County High Schools Ceramics program.  Which teaches 200+ students every year about functional and sculptural ceramics.




David Emmert


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just tried it and the results showed a large number of places having the same title.  which one are you?  what happens to the bowls?  how is money for the program raised?  are you keeping and selling the bowls?  


a little more info would be helpful before going to a website.

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The battle is which site is the right one-a liild more info on the proceeds and show would help.

I suggest the original poster provide a better link and more details


I'm very not keen on a battle of anything especially ceramics .

how about a -Bowl off, or -The best of bowls

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