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Hey guys!


I have another pricing question...I know, there's no right answer and it depends on a lot of things but I hope you all might be able to help me out...I am at a loss. I am a functional production potter, that is the pricing scheme I am familiar with. I have made a couple framed "mosaic" art pieces...not sure if there is a proper/better term for this. I have rolled out a slab of clay, cut a pattern into it, and then separated the pieces and glazed them in black and white, then put them in a frame with about a 1/8" spacing in between each piece. I really like the looks of it and have gotten quite a lot of interest in them right off the bat but haven't been able to decide a price. The frame is a handmade wooden frame (my grandpa is a carpenter and he helped me make it) and I would value that at around $50, so what would the art inside it be worth? It is 16" x 20". My initial thought was $100-$150...but I've had comments from customers as well as family that it is too low. I have looked online for similar pieces and have found some but the prices vary tremendously....


Has anyone done something similar or know someone who does? And if so what you would price it at?


Thank you for your time!





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attachicon.gifborderfencesmall. copy.jpegI have one with four tiles. Total size is about 34 x 34"

I value it at $1000. i would add I have pieces in museum collections in 11 countries, work in books, articles, etc.




Wow! That is stunning....thank you for sharing.


I don't have anywhere near the resume that you have...I have my pieces in galleries in SK and AB, one well known one and other smaller ones, and a five star restaurant in my city serves on my pieces. So I am not a beginner, but I haven't made enough of a name for myself to reflect that in my pricing...if that makes sense? I'm thinking maybe I should just charge as if it were a functional piece ($10ish per tile x12, and $50 for the frame), which would be $170?

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I think it needs pointed out that this piece might be made of clay, but it crosses into the realm of art. I also need to point out that my opinion is biased because I like this piece,  That said, I was thinking the 250-300 range. Always remember: Much easier to lower prices than it is to raise them.


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