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Radiant Floor Heat Panels to Dry Tiles...Anyone?

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I'm looking for people that use radiant floor panels to dry their tiles. I would like their thoughts.


I have read every thread and comment on this board regarding tiles and warping. I understand not to touch the tile or slide it sideways if necessary, how to roll it, what to roll in on, even drying it slowing using plastic, drying on sheetrock, drying on wire shelves, and even read about dropping the board from waist high. I have about 1 out of 10 tiles warp a little, sometimes they flatten after the bisque fire. Plus I usually know what I did to make it warp. I'm more concerned about drying them quicker. They are usually 3/8" and made with little grog, I know, I know, but I'm in love with the clay I have right now.



I read someone's comment under a video sent by ceramics daily. This artist said they dry their tiles on a radiant floor heat panel, and they dry perfect in 24hrs. I wish I would have bookmarked it, or contacted the person if possible. I don't even remember the video topic.


I've seen these panels, they are expensive and would like to know if they are that great before making such an expensive investment. I understand the electric won't be a plug in situation, but that is ok, my husband can wire it for me. I wonder too, if there are two panels, one on top of the other. I've seen just "netting" at Lowes that one can use under their floors or on concrete, not sure if the person used that or the "panel" that looks like sheetrock that has the heat wires in it.


Thanks, Gwen

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Thanks Gwen... for posting this query.


I can't supply any answers for you, as I've no knowledge or experience in doing so. However, as I'll soon be in the process of making hundreds of more (mold pressed bas-relief) tiles and recently completed renovating the house with an hydronic underfloor heating system (hidden under the tiled floor picture on my profile page), it sounds like something I would love to try. As I don't have a heat source hooked up in my studio yet and with winter setting in, a quicker way of drying the tiles sounds inviting. The bathroom which has a humidity controlled exhaust/ventilation fan, with its large tiled floor area would be a good place to try this. Also less risk of the cat walking on the drying clay as she doesn't go into the bathroom very often.


I'll post my results as they come, to let you know my experience.



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