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How To Make This Glaze More Stable

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Hello all you experienced glaze chemists,

I have been using this recipe at my studio for a few months now and I really like it except that when it's thick it moves more than I'd like. I'd like to slightly adjust it so it's a little more stable.

Any recommendations? Also, the iron oxide and copper carb wouldn't affect any of this, right?


Soto Amber - Cone 6


Frit 3124- 32%

Feldspar Minspar- 26%

Silica- 19%

Calcium Carbonate- 13%

EPK- 10%


Red Iron Oxide- 3%

Copper Carbonate- .75%

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That's basically Michael Sherrill's  "So Clear" with colourants. When I tried that glaze I found it really needed 3 bentonite to keep the glaze suspended plus some epsom salts to keep the copper in suspension. (anybody else find the new bright green copper drops out of suspension easier than the old gray/green stuff?) It still moves a bit with the 3 bentonite so maybe that plus a bit more silica and epk.

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