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Turning Off Downdraft Vent


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Hi everyone.  I glaze to cone 6 and am wondering when I should turn off my downdraft vent.  Is controlled or slower cooling necessary for glazes other than matte?  The manufacturer info I believe says that leaving the vent on when firing is done is fine because it's a controlled cool.  I generally do a 12 or 15 minute hold also and wonder if I should turn the vent off when that starts?  Or leave it on till the kiln is cool?


What do you do?

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What if  if I'm not doing a controlled cool?   


The only time it may affect things negatively is if you're doing really big pots. I was once making some 25 pound pieces that were getting cooling cracks. Turning off the fan at 1500 solved the problem. But for regular pots it shouldn't be an issue at all. There will be a slight decrease in total cooling time, but not enough to hurt anything.

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