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Can I Reconstitute Raku Glaze

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I am a seasonal potter.  What I mean by that is my studio is taken over by my wife so she can park the car in the garage in the winter.  This means that I have large periods of time when my glazes sit.


Last year I did some raku work and thought I packed them away at the end of the season safely.  This year however they are bone dry.  Can I reconstitute raku glazes?  If so, will the colours be affected?


I understand this might be a difficult question to answer as different chemicals may react differently to time and or lack of water, but in the spirit of generality has anyone had success?





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I prefer to use freshly mixed raku glazes because the copper colors in old glazes seem to be dull. Could be our water? Could be soluble evaporation.

Reconstitute your glazes and let us know if they were like the former glaze.



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