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Ethical Dilemma-Any Ideas

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Well on his behalf he called me today to say he respects my decision to pass on the whole deal as he was flying around the country yesterday and did not have time to respond.So He's better than I thought  but I'm out of the whole deal.

He did say he read a post from Oldlady that said she had a bag at one time and asked about-her. so Oldlady I will say I said your impossible to track down and I do not even know your name which may be true as that talc you sent me last year did not have your name on package-but he may still try to dig you up on this issue.I'm said you are impossible to track down.


aha! the real reason some of us stay anonymous here, OldLady won’t have to talk to lawyers, her win!                                                                                              :ph34r:

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(aha! the real reason some of us stay anonymous here)

Ok I'm really not Mark Cortright and I do not have a pottery business-it's been a fraud all these years-I do not even now how to make a pot-I was just guessing at any suggestions I have made .If any turned out right it was just  a lucky guess. I'm really a car salesmen at a used car lot 10-7pm every day. 

May name is Clyde but you can call me Frank

Once many decades ago I bought a spinning tiger but it was to frustrating and I sold it.

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Hi Frank. Welcome to the Forum.


There are a lot of people here that can assist you in becoming a real potter if you feel that is the direction you would like to go someday. I can offer my assistance in being a real pseudo potter.

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I tried the real potter preparations -grew the beard-wore blue jeans-loose fitting shoes. Practiced saying words like Raku and reduction to friends who thought I was nuts

Painted white paint on my pants to look like I had clay all over me. Practiced sayings like -Kick out the jambs and slab it dude

Started hoarding 5 gallon buckets and just spit out one liners like Orton out of any context

Had a lady call me about my spinning tiger once who was from the save the tiger league-she thought I may have had it in to small an enclosure .She threatened to call the cops after I said I had a foot pedal on the tiger.

I think folks just do not get the potters life stuff

I think I'm a few generations back as I wonder where the slip cast bunny people went?

I thought about getting some clay but the boxes weigh so much I could see this really putting the hurt on a body after a few days

I'm heading back to the used car lot anyone need a 1967 Nash rambler in red?

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Well if there are two Don Trumps , just how many of you are there Marx

How many derailed rail cars have you got.. will you convert one to gas for me? any vertical  exhaust systems, would they fire under water? Ramping or is that the new talk?

Hope that lawyer chappie isn't following our posts anymore....

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Oddly enough Nytol talc is still listed in the materials section at Digitalfire. However, it was noted that there is a long standing dispute if it had any asbestos in it at all. No wonder he wants the sample: conflicting information.



Send him a sample of DMHO- Tyler has plenty of it.

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I cannot confirm nor deny the knowledge of the whereabouts of bag of afformentioned product. This product may or may not be a full bag, and possibly still sealed.


If appropriate safety precautions are used. I' d be comfortable handling it. I appears some may have been swayed by the propaganda.


I wish I could find the article about it. And the somewhat scandalous implications....


I am now more interested in testing this forbidden fruit

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Guest JBaymore

Oddly enough Nytol talc is still listed in the materials section at Digitalfire.


The reference sites like the Digitalfire one are handy when they keep around older raw material information because of the persistence of older glaze and clay recipes.  Having the analysis and such of older materials helps to keep the chemistry information available for the re-calculation of such batches with newer or still available versions of the types of materials.  Particularity useful with old feldspar and frit analysis data.


I have typical analysis paper records for lots of materials I've used spanning 40+ years.  Sometimes it is useful to have that data when you suddenly re-discover a great looking glaze by ..... say... Charles Binns.





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