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Fine Detail Lines


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I've watched the artists work under glazing very large porcelain vessels with cobalt oxides in the factories in China, one of the techniques they use is to first start with a pattern of the design printer (transfer) onto the vessel. The painter then brushes a thin layer of latex over the design and then quickly uses a stylus to scrape the wet laytex off the pot over the design lines. They do this a small area at a time until the entire design is exposed through the laytex mask. When the laytex is throughly dry they brush on the oxide and after the oxide dries they peel off the laytex masking leaving behind very clean lines and very intricate designs. This is all done on green ware and single fired to 1300 c, they have the glaze and under glazes down to a fine science from centuries of trial and error and due to the consistent application of materials and controlled firings achieve very clean results.

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You send her a pdf of any and, and I mean *any* image (plus some money), she sends you decals.

Hopefully not copyrighted material unless you have the owner's permission.

Of course!

Her aim wth this venture is to provide decals to artists so they can add extra layers to their work, not people looking to make dodgy knockoff merch. She's a former instructor of mine when I was at ACAD, and she's now an instructor at NSCAD. She takes a dim view of plagiarism.

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