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Comprehensive Tilemaking Workshop.stephani Stephenson

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DATE : August 9-12, 2016

LOCATION: Cloudy Mountain Pottery, Maple Falls ,WA

HANDMADE TILE: 4 days, comprehensive workshop

with Stephani Stephenson of Revival Tileworks

Join us this summer, August 9-12 2016, at Cloudy Mountain Pottery for an exciting 4 day workshop with the fabulous Stephani Stephenson.

This will be an intensive, comprehensive hands on tile making workshop.  Come learn design, relief modeling/ carving, making field tile and trim, moldmaking, extruding, pressing and forming techniques.  If that isn’t enough, we will also cover drying, firing, clays, surface treatments and glazing.

Participants will make a relief tile and reusable mold.

Cost: $425 includes 4 day workshop and all materials.

Stephenson is a full time tile maker and sculptor.  She brings a sense of both history and exploration, experience and high energy to her workshops.

link to information:



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If you are interested in tile making, murals, custom design, this is a good opportunity. Stephani brings 20+ of professional experience and she is a great workshop presenter.Guaranteed to be an informative learning experience.I saw her presentation in Cleveland at the Potters Council workshop on Architectural Ceramics.And we taught a workshop together at la meridiana. She knows her stuff.




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