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Cone 5/6 Reduction Glazes For Black Mountain Clay?

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Hi, I have fired black mountain clay in cone 10 reduction w/creamy glaze and love the iron speckles that come through. I see a thread of discussion last year about this w/suggestions. I am looking for any recommendations for creamy glazes (gloss or matt) that would work in electric cone 5/6 (oxidation) that might yield similar results. Any recipes or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Cone ^5-6 reduction glazes may not work for a ^10 clay. If you want the speckles you could add things like granular ilmenite

to a glaze. Reduction i.e. where the atmosphere in the kiln has been robbed of oxygen, pulls out the oxygen from the clay body.

That does not happen in an electric kiln.

Try looking at oxidation recipes for electric kilns. Also, Black Mountain is a ^10 clay, I believe. It is best to use a clay that vitrifies at the same temperature of your glazes are maturing.



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