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Say Hello To Everybody! New Ceramic-Junky Arrived

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Hello and good morning... :rolleyes:


my name is andrea and I´m not shure - is this Topic the right for a welcome?


So, I´ll try it...I live in germany and I am looking forward to meet new ceramicfriends like me.


I´m very interestet in ceamics since I restartet my own projects in 2014. That was in February, I found an oven wich was payful for me. I refurbished the ove and it´still running perfekt.

I have a litte ceramic-arts-atelier in the sellar of our house in Germany (Hamburg) where I can live my dream.


I´m looking forward to find new friendes here (german forums are boring and people much tooo aggressive...)


Wave and say hello to you all....:-))


andrea :D

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Welcome Andrea!

I hope you find this forum to be helpful and friendly.Also, in the upper left of the header is ceramic Arts Daily. If you go there, there are daily blogs offering information with videos and a menu at the bottom that lists the topics you can review.



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@Bunnybaer Andrea, Welcome!  I hope you find many friends here and much engaging conversation.  This is a friendly group so don't be shy to ask questions or to contribute your thoughts and ideas in the comments.



-Paul :)

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Hallo Andrea!  Wir sind alle hier sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.


I found your comment about the German forums very interesting.  We have some aggressive forums in the US too, but this isn't one of them, and we are fairly international.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, or to offer your opinion on a topic.  It would be great if you would go to your profile and add a little about yourself so we can get to know you.
















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Thnx very very much...I feel very good to read this...


yes of course, I will ask questions and I´d like to show my creations.

My work is handmade and wheelthrown, I like it both. My wheel is from the year 1986 it is a german fabricate,  and I love it. It is wonderful. I try to use it every day, because I just startet wheelthrowing  for youngest 3 month :ph34r:


The first 20 kgs of clay  I smashed in a papercase, I just recycled it this weekend!! :)  Now I am much more successful!! OMG I had so much dirty times but now....WOE, I works!! :D


Nice to meet you all! Here it is GMT  6 o´clock in the evening.


Greetings from Andrea

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From one Andrea to another, welcome. I'm a newbie myself and only plucked up the courage to engage in the conversations recently.  I've received such good advice and help.  I recommend that you come back daily, as I do, to have a look and see what's up.


As Marcia said use the CAD as a place for inspiration and for great articles that really do help. 


Have a good evening and see you tomorrow.



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Willkommen Andrea aus Hamburg and welcome AndreaB from South Africa!


I love to see people here who either lurk in the background and then get their courage together and come into the open, or launch directly into a topic. This is a place where people are friendly and are helping each other with joy! Stay with us and you'll see!


I hope to see you posting regularly. Greetings from Switzerland!



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