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Cobalt Carbonate - 46%


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Anyone ever used a cobalt carbonate that specifies it's 46% on the MSDS?


I ordered a "good deal" on some cobalt carb and can't say I've ever seen it as 46% on the data sheet (usually it says 100%). Molecular formula is the normal CoCO3 I'm used to seeing. 

Not seeing anything on any of the paperwork that suggests there is a "filler".  Was purchased from Arlington International and it's made in China.


Have not yet tested it, but visually it looks like the same pink/purple powder I'm used to seeing in the jar.

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They're probably being over precise.  


CoCO3 isn't what you buy when you're buying the stuff, you're buying a hydrated form that has a large amount of LOI.  I'm not in a position to do the math, but I'll bet you're looking at 46% CoCOwhen the hydrates disappear (at like 150C, while the carbonate decomposes into an oxide at like triple that temp).


Obviously test it, but if it looks the same, it's likely the same stuff.


Edit:  My supplier's MSDS stipulates 46%:  http://www.psh.ca/MSDS/Cobalt%20Carbonate%20-%20Arlington.pdf

It's probably the same stuff.

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Tyler is right, it may just be a change in presentation.


46% "Cobalt Carbonate" seems to be sold as an animal feed (with various information in the MSDSs).


The 46% seems to be the weight % of cobalt.


This MSDS gives the formula as 2CoCo3.3Co(OH)2.H2O and % Co in the range 45-53%



This is the formula for a hydrated basic cobalt carbonate, and my back-of-the-envelope

maths suggests that should theoretically contain 55% cobalt.

[ (5*59)/(5*59+13*16+7*1+2*12) if you want to check I got the calculation right]



I seem to remember a thread on copper carbonate a long time ago (when the colour

of somebodies supply changed), and we realised that neither the new nor the old

product was the CuCo3 that our chemistry teachers told us about.


... it was  New Copper Carb A Way Different Color and  jrgpots supplied the answer

Trying to remember my geology, Malachite, Cu2Co3(OH)2, is a mint green and

azurite,Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2 is bright blue. Both are forms of copper carbonate.



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Thanks guys.  Testing will happen soon, side by side against the old cobalt I've got in inventory.  I'm thinking it's going to be....BLUE!  hahaha  


The source is Arlington International.  I'd never heard of them before, but a colleague forwarded me an email before xmas regarding a sale on cobalt carb.  Couldn't beat the 10# for $160 shipped, so I figured why not.  Even if it's only half as potent it's still a better deal than a 5# price from anywhere else.  Cobalt is so freaking potent as-is, I'm not really that concerned.

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You will find that this cobalt works just fine  although it can be off color

I have bought their 55 # tub of it years ago (2008) from Arlington international and it works fine. I sold about 1/2 of it straight away.It worked for everyone.

I did not know they sold in these lesser amounts.

They sell selected chemicals in larger amounts for less than most.

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