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Wax Resist And Vent System

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I've been planning to start using wax resist, but I just came across this in the "Cautions" section of my L&L manual:




1. When you heat wax (in wax resist and lost wax processes) it will volatize and potentially condense in the cooler ventilation ducts.


2. Over time this can cause a fire hazard because the wax is flammable.


3. Depending on how the vent motor is mounted, the wax can also gum up the vent motor.


4. If you use these processes it is entirely up to you to engineer and monitor the safety of the installation.


5. The use of wax will void the warranty of the vent system.



I know lots of you use wax resist all the time; do you see buildup of wax in your vent motor?  Would you notice?  And any thoughts on "...depending on how the vent motor is mounted..."?  


I don't really imagine that the wax catching fire in my cooling ducts is a real worry.  But I'd like to see the vent motor last as long as I do, and I plan to hang in for at least a couple of more decades, with a little luck.


Your thoughts greatly appreciated, as always.


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I use a lot of wax, both brushable wax resist  and hot soy wax on my pieces.  I have two kilns hooked up to ventilation system that came with my L&L. and run each about once a week.  i have had no problems with wax build up in the motor. the only issue that Ive had with  my ventilation in the last three years ( when I installed this system ) is that the miasma of corrosive and nasty crap that comes out of the kiln during the firing process will make the ventilation duct work brittle.  Ive seen no wax buildup, just corrosion.  I have short ( less than 5 feet ) duct-work between my kilns and the motor though so I imagine everything going through it is still very hot, maybe the problem comes if the ventilated air cools too much before it hits the motor. My experience is that you have to replace the duct-work and ventilation motor  periodically, for me its proving to be about every 4-5 years, not  because of wax build up so much as corrosion IMHO look at your ventilation system as something that wears out, like elements and thermocouples, and dont worry about it.  It would be a shame to not realize your full artistic potential because of worry over a $125 fan motor.  

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