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Once again, Potter's Fire is looking to grow and we are hiring production potters and assemblers (hand builders). We typically advertise here on C.A.D. and occasionally craigslist.org. The latter has given us very mixed results and is best for entry level unskilled help. The former produces mainly artistic potters, which require considerable retraining to convert into a production potter. Our question is simple enough. Does anyone have any ideas on where to look for good professional production personnel? 


I'm looking for places where we can run ads. Some of the ideas we had were:


1.  Ads in newspapers and craigslist in communities where there is a high density of potters,

2.  Social media ads targeting people who "like" C.A.D. or other ceramics oriented subjects / sites,

3.  Ads in other periodicals like Clay Times (we've had less success with this publication in the past),

4.  Linkedin networking and job posts,


Thoughts would be appreciated... 



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Mike --


A bit off topic, but I met two of your employees when they visited my booth at the Bluemont Fair in Sept.  Had a nice chat and they were enthusiastic with your operations.  Good luck on growing.



Thanks Bruce... They told me about the encounter... Hope you had a good show.

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Local art schools.

This has already paid off... I contacted the head of a local program who's pots I collect. He said he knows of a couple of students who would be a good fit... Thanks for reminding me.

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