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I wouldn't reply. People like that are not usually open to any type of rebuttal anyways, and I am sure everyone else is silently murmuring "moron" across the room.


I have been in similar situations with other areas, not art, and I have learned to think before I speak. Normally these people don't think before they speak, or think at all.

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I would feel sad for them. To be unable to loose yourself in a work of art, a piece of music or writing would be unimaginable. I probably wouldn't say anything, no snippy comments or quick retorts. I would likely just wish them a pleasant day. If someone is that close minded I'm sure they wouldn't be interested in my thoughts.

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I think the original premise needs rephrasing ( no offense meant Evelyne!)

Imagine talking to every class in both an elementary and middle school ,after all the cuts done to art education, about why art is important, and what art is. Imagine explaining the dichotomy between the cuts and the importance of art. Imagine trying to tell them that art will survive irregardless.

I live in Florida ( no budget to speak of for art education), I have a 14 w aspergers, and art saved my life,literally gave me something to live for in a speech messed up home when I was little.

I grew up in Switzerland, where antiquities are left w/o a guard and are commonplace and in Manhattan, where the bottom line is all that matters.

Yet all that really survives from ages past is art. Because to me art is what is said from the heart and soul and speaks to the heart and soul.it starts practical and decorative , but once we get it down it becomes elaborate and soul moving. And it isn't just us, life practices art, the universe by nature creates and refines.

I could go on and on, because after dysfunction, death , addiction ,cancer and every other thing this life has thrown at me, Art in all its forms is what gave me hope, gave me back God,( in all God in all forms), gave me purpose . So.

Thanks for the question

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Are you stating how you feel or would this be your reply to the moron? What do you think would be their response to that and would you continue to engage them?


I would just ignore them and walk,away.





Well we could talk about how if life is pointless then you get to make up the point. It means what you want it to mean, same with pointless art. Music is also pointless, there is no point in the music just sounds to dance to and rhythms to bop to.


I do believe life is pointless but not in a melancholy way.


That or life being pointless normally ends the conversation.

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I think that my first response would be "One man's opinion". At the same time, I wonder about what goes on in his life that makes him express so much despair in such a simple statement. Life without art? Where is the expression of joy, love, thought, emotion, pride and hope? All of these we learn through doing, feeling, living, and through the arts that we experience either by doing or enjoying. The arts have expressed our feeling about religion, each other, compassion, nature, and so much more of our world. Whether he knows it or not, very little of what he thinks or feels is not touched or influenced in some way by art. So why the expression of so much despair? For that, I feel truly sorry for him because he has no vision.


Yes, we are in strange times, where arts are cut when things are tight in the schools, we have been here before. Only by supporting the arts in your local schools can you stem the tide. Make your voices heard, donate time to Arts days, give a little of yourself to assure that there will be a next generation of budding artists and craftspeople that understand the value of handmade!






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  I would engage in a conversation with that person about their life and what they are interested in.  Normally you can find something that the person does or is interested in that involves art and gently point that out to them.  I have had many people come up to me and say they wish they were artistic like me,  I tell them everyone in artistic in some way.  I had one lady that was insistent that she wasn't the least bit artistic, I asked her what she did for a living and she told me she did floral arrangements for a florist.  She was really pleased when I told her that was a artistic profession.      Denice

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having little or no sense, use, or purpose.

"speculating like this is a pointless exercise"

synonyms: senseless, futile, hopeless, fruitless, useless, needless, in vain, unavailing, aimless, idle, worthless, valueless; More


(of a contest or competitor) without a point scored.


I want to say more. There is no such thing as art that is senseless, futile,hopeless etc. it is a matter of opinion. I get perturbed by an urinal exhibit or some of the weird ones like a plate of pasta on the table etc. I prefer my art to be put together ,crafted , painted , woven, etc. but I really that is just my opinion. There is someone who appreciates it somewhere if it is on exhibit, because it is on exhibit. If it is made or shown someone wanted it that way.

So if someone told me art was pointless, it would really depend who was saying it. I might put a lot of effort into some people who were saying it because they had never seen any art they liked or didn't know some of the stuff they liked qualified as art. But if someone was saying it just to poop all over my day,or trying to get me to rise to the bait, I would address that.

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Well...art is one of the things on a short list of things that make life worthwhile for me, and that's never pointless. :) My pet portraits have also made so many of my clients weep bittersweet tears...that's priceless. I knew a lady who slept with the portrait I made of her bunny (11x8.5 inches) for three weeks after she lost him. It was her only comfort. Now... that is a powerful privilege I've been blessed with. ^_^

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I like to use my hands and make things..it might seem useless or pointless but that does nt matter,,,,some of the most interesting work is the stuff that starts like that – out of raw need for activity.(Bruce Nauman)...


Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder …so is the art..if I ever come across someone stating art is pointless(happens many times)…..best answer to myself is..maybe you are pointless…individual’s prerogative..you are happy in your notion and me happy creating it !!





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Is art pointless?  Not if it pleases the maker or the observer.  Art can occupy the mind when times are tough.  Art can soothe the soul.


I do look at some items of art and wonder if I'm missing seeing something, but to others that same piece might say something.

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I guess my response would be along the lines of:


"I know.  I know.  But of all the pointless things we do and make, I find it one of the most worthwhile."


And I would then try to help that person understand they really don't understand what they are saying.


"Die Kunst ist einer Tochter der Freiheit." - Friedrich Schiller

Translation: Art is a daughter of Freedom.  Wouldn't be a bad assumption to make about the Spoilsport, and try to help free them up a little bit.

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Chris: is it really a question of being too old? Or rather the knowledge that people's opinions can't be changed?


Tank you Marcia!


Min: and why not tell them that you feel sad for them? Maybe that would "jolt" them a bit....


Joel: really? You are of that opinion even in your young age? I mean, YOU can give your life a reason, a point!


Jolieo: For the records:  I love it when a lot of people answer my QOTW, they may correct my language and they may rephrase my text. That is absolutely all right with me! Thank you for being so honest and telling us about your problems. Arent' you the one who lived near Basel for a while, with your husband? Didn't you ask me for pottery courses for your husband? Anyway, I like it how you speak about art and how you defend it! Thank you!!


rakuku:... and if the spoilsport starts to rant about art?


Thank you Paul!


Pres: Very precise statement, thank you.  I think that a person who thinks art is pointless has a personal problem somewhere. Maybe he (or she) is disappointed with life? Was an artist too in the past and got no recognition? Were maybe tricked? As Min said, it is sad that people think art is pointless and maybe we have to look behind the person in front of us and ask "why" this person is so negative about art?!


Denice: how lovely that you could help a person find out that what she is doing is really art. Yours is a story full of hope. Thank you!


Tyler: yours is a very interesting way to look at the QOTW-question. It provokes hours of discussing language games that some people like to do. I mean, what would we be without art? Brutes? Animals? Is art making us better? Hmmm.... Thank you for your thoughts!


Guinea: how sweet! You helped the Lady cope with her grief. This is a wonderful example that art isn't pointless....


Vinks: Good answer!... but I think you would have to explain to the person what you mean, telling the spoilsport that HE/SHE is pointless... ;-)


Chilly: in our example, the spoilsport says that all art is pointless. Would you take time to tell him about your feelings, about that art can make a difference in life?


Gord: hello and welcome to the forum. We are happy that you came out of the "lurking" state. Stay with us! Yeah, you have a point there. Why is the spoilsport coming into a gallery in the first place?! To insult the artist? ... or rather for being persuaded?? I wonder...


Patrick: hello to you. Are you new too? Welcome!! I like your answer to the spoilsport very much! The English one as well as the German one. And I think we all should try first to find out why that person is so negative when it comes to art. Are you German or Swiss or Austrian? I can't find out because it isn't written in your profile. I hope to see more of you here.


Matthew: welcome to you too. You live in Alaska. Wow. I always wanted to visit Alaska. Well, about the banks: some of them make money... Is moneymaking some kind of art too do you think?


Joseph: yes, I agree. And it is sad that we have to explain this to people like our spoilsport, isn't it?! How sad must their life be!


Yesterday I have been at an exhibition where, at the beginning of the First World War, some Russian artists begann art at zero. The exhibition is called 0,10 (zero ten). It was a provocation of course. But better to provoke with art than demonize it!





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Joel: really? You are of that opinion even in your young age? I mean, YOU can give your life a reason, a point!



Not sure if you caught my second post where I elaborated a little. I agree that I give my life many reasons and points but that is because it is pointless. My points might make no sense to others but their points make no sense to me. I think I look at it from a singular conciousness point (things have meaning and points) and a universal conciousness point (pointless)


I find this is true in art, it is all pointless unless you have built your pyramid to see the point. 

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