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Element Wires Show Voltage On Voltmeter - No Heat!

Gay Nemeth

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Hi all


I have recently purchased a Cone Art Model 1822 Kiln (manual with a cone sitter).


I'm very excited to get going, but alas - I can't get the thing working!


I followed the electrical supply through the system with a voltmeter; checking the kiln sitter plunger switch; the timer switch; and the infinite switch - all in both on and off positions.  Everything looked in order ie. voltage detected when on, none detected when off.


I also checked for power running into the elements - it's there, yet no heat is being generated!!!! (after 11/2 hours)    (I don't understand!!!)


The red operation lights, connected through the infinity switch, show power going to them, and also do not turn on (I figured this was because of a burnt out bulbs, but now, ???).


I had to change the elements (came with the unit) because there was a break in one of them - I took pictures and feel confident I rewired properly (took pictures and understood it - plus - there's power going to it...)


I'm so confused as to why this isn't working and would appreciate any feedback anyone can give me.






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It can sometimes be hard to diagnose power issues. If you have a good quality voltmeter it will pick up minuscule amount of power and show voltage but still have no power or amps. If 2 insulated power cables lay beside each other and 1 has power in it a sensitive meter can read power on the other cable caused by induction. This might be part of the problem you are seeing if using a voltmeter. I find in a 12 volt system I use a test light. There are test lights available for ac voltage, this might help. 


Another way ( and I think the best )  would be to test for continuity instead of voltage. Unplug the kiln so you have no power to to and use the diode checker setting on the voltmeter to see if you have connections through the circuits. Most meters have a tone signal when there is a closed circuit. I find checking this way gives less false readings and is safer as you have no power to the kiln to fry yourself.

The cone sitter should not be impossible to diagnose as it is just a on/off switch system.

Let us know where you are located. there may be someone on the forum close by that can help.


Hope this helps, keep us posted on your results


ps: Check to see if you have resistance through each element to see if there is a break in one that you can not see.

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Do you hear any clicking on and off from the relay switches??. To check elements, not prob good advice but I have depressed the plunger safety switch with a weight, turned the kiln on high with lid/door open and you can tell within minutes if the elements are heating, glow red, and which one isn't heating ie not colouring saves a lot of hanging upside down into kiln to find the damaged element.

IF you have a kiln siter, as soon as you press the button in, presuming the power is to the kiln, you will hear the hum of the kiln, assuming you have dialled on the energy input , then you will hear the clicking on and off of the switches I was writing about before. If you haven't touched the energy input, the light will be on indicating power to the kiln, but there will be no power to your switches and therefore elements.

Maybe I have oversimplified your prob. but have talked an art teacher thro these very steps only recently.

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Thanks for your responses - it is much appreciated!


I went back and started playing around with all the switches (no method) and voila - I really have no idea what I did but it seems to be working reliably now!  Maybe I dislodged some dust or something, but the operating lights come on and I have heat!


Thanks again!

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