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elaine clapper

What Kind Of Sponge Do You Use When You Are Throwing?

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Just watched an excellent Adam Field video on throwing a tall cylinder.  It is always good to go back and be reminded of the basics. I used to do the same demo when i was teaching (but he does a much better job). I really like the sponge he used when throwing. It was thin and long enough to cover four fingers. I still use the little round sponge that comes with Kemper's beginner's tools.  His sponge is much more effective.  I am curious to know what other people use and where they were purchased.


Hi Elaine, I saw this same video and I tried the same pyrometric cone sponge with helping me pull up the sides of a large platter the other day - I wore my fingernails down to skin (that really hurt - fingernail pain is as ridiculous as paper cut pain ;)) doing it the first couple of times without a sponge this past weekend (i.e. the friction of the bat/wheel head on my fingernails pushing under the clay to pull up the edge of the platter) so Adam's method worked really really well for this. It is a winner in my book - I like the flexibility of this sponge, how much water it holds and how I can weave it around my fingers so it doesn't get caught and pulled out of my hands.


But I also second other people saying they use makeup sponges (for final cleanup inside the pot usually - nice and small and takes off the outer clay mush easily).

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