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Hello everyone! 

I'm a hobby potter returning to pottery after 15 years in the wilderness. For too long career and family commitments have kept me away. The local community studio closed some time ago along with college evening classes so nothing for it but to set up on my own. To be honest I was outgrowing those facilities as you can't pursue your own materials and techniques and you're not in control of firing etc so it is definitely time to step out in to the unknown...  AARGH scary, but what fun!


Got myself on a course over the summer as a refresher and confidence booster, and now just got my own wheel and my first batch of clay.


Spending my time now practicing wedging and reviving my throwing skills. I warned my wife I've decided not to make anything for quite some time yet as I'm just practicing skills - cylinder, slice, cylinder, slice, cylinder, slice, you know the routine. Nice vase - is it really nice enough? Should I keep it? Should I slice it? Please, please, please can I keep...no...(wimper).....SLICE.  Boy that's hard on the ego :huh:


I've also ordered a single phase electric kiln. I even remembered to got the electrician to visit before ordering so I know there'll be no problem there.Then when it turns up in a few weeks that's yet another learning curve.


What on earth have I launched myself into?






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