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Potterycrafts Kiln P5151 - Lost Instructions!

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Can anyone help with how to use a kiln I have acquired.


It is an electric manual as far as I can tell Potterycrafts p5151 240v, 3kw


On the kiln is a dial 1-100 - with no guide as to what it does.

Separate but wired into kiln (can be fixed to a wall) is a dial to change between 1-1400 (temp) and also a switch which can be set to limit or soak.


I can't find much help online for this so though someone might have an idea on which each dial does!



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I'd give Potterycrafts a ring, they're usually quite helpful.


Also, if you can post some pictures........  


(I have a Potterycrafts kiln that came with a manual controller, but sounds different to yours.  I've since upgraded to a computerised controller, but the original was so easy to work out, it didn't need any instructions.)

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