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What Do You Call Those Heavy Pots?

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Reading the revived thread about christmas tales brought up a new topic when folks mentioned their names for their too heavy pots.."boat anchors", and "insulated".  One of my old instructors called them hurricane ware.  They won't fall off the table in a hurricane.  That's important to us folks here on the US east coast, but maybe you west coasters could call them earthquake ware.


What other terms of endearment do you have for those clunkers?

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We called them boat anchors in art school. We had the older male student who was doing his degree one evening course at a time. Ceramics was his last course. He had a really thick bowl, stoneware, that was about a foot across.

He asked our prof what he should do with it.

Prof says;" Fill it with concrete, attach a chain to it and use it as a boat anchor."

Next week;"Remember that big heavy bowl I had? I took your advice, and filled it with concrete. Works great as a boat anchor."

Hence the name.

That was the class of 1975. It's been forty years since art school for me.


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