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Overglaze pen that fires to 320 degrees-Do you know where to get it?

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I was on etsy and a lady makes wedding plates that are glazed and includes a pen that the guests use to sign the plates as a registry. She said that the plate just needed to be heated in an oven to 320 degrees. I'm making some plates for my sisters wedding and need these pens. Does anyone know where I can get them. I checked axner and their pens had to be fired to cone 05. Any suggestions?





PS, they are going to be hung on the wall so they are not going to be used for food.

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Pebeo Porcelaine 150 is a product that fits what you are looking for. Here is a link to their site it is an English translation from the French. You can click on the color chart and you will see the choices of color and textures. Click the product information for more info.



I have used the Porcelaine 150 products with brushes not the tubes nor outline colors. The products are available at Pearl Paint, DickBlick.com and at Ceramic Supply of New York and New Jersey. And I'm sure other suppliers as well. Using them takes a little getting use to.They have texture like acrylic paints; a little thick.

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Guest JBaymore

Do not be mislead by this product. It is not under / over / or ANY type of GLAZE by any shape of the imagination. It is basically paint. That name that sounds like the word "porcelain" is likely a deliberate way of misleading you to think it is something it is not.


From their own product data sheet: "Only the areas not intended to be put in contact with food must be decorated."

Caveat Emptor.






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