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Recipes From John Britt's "the Complete Guide To Mid-Range Glazes", Now In Insight-Live


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John Britt has graciously allowed Tony Hansen, creator of Insight, to add the recipes from his book, "The Complete Guide To Mid-Range Glazes", into Inside-Live. 


It is still important to buy John's book because it offers far more than just glaze recipes. It's an outstanding book that provides a wealth knowledge about glaze chemistry.



 If anyone has pictures of the glazes on tiles or pots, send them to Hansen or me so that he can add them to Insight-Live. Also, include clay type and firing schedule.

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  • Select "Advanced Search"




Click the "Reference Batch" down arrow, then scroll down to the bottom of the list where you will find "John Brit Book -4". Select that option 




Enter a keyword  such as "crawl"  into the search box.  




Click the "search" button and recipes will appear below.




Select the one you want and  the recipe will appear to the right, 


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