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Creative Industries Model Mp/controler

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Just read a reply from the KilnDoc a technician on this forum regarding the Model MP Creative Industries wheel.  The wheel i just purchased seems in good shape but has a slow speed glitch or stutter at the start up speed.
The adjustments in the control box do not seem to help or adjust the problem. My older Creative Industries wheel has a different style foot pedal but it works fine.  Would it be possible to replace the control box and wire the older pedal to the Model MP's motor?  Any thoughts?


BackYard Potter

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Great question. I have the same situation. Older 40-year old CI wheel has a very responsive foot pedal, while the new CI wheel has a slight latency when up. I can live with it, but would prefer the response of the old wheel. I would have to believe the good folks at Speedball read this forum. Maybe they could weigh in.

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If the DC Voltage to the motor is the same and the HP of the motor is the same on both wheels you would probably be ok to switch the power supply and foot pedal from the old wheel to the new wheel. You would only detach the two wires going to the motor evereything else would move from the old machine to the new machine. The DC voltage needs to be the same to make a swap...DC motors can have all sorts of voltage and wattage requirements.


The foot pedal itself would have a potentiometer in it. To make a foot pedal swap the resistance of the potentiometer and the power rating would need to be compatible. In addition the wiring would need to be identical in both foot pedals to make foot pedal only swap.

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[snip]  I would have to believe the good folks at Speedball read this forum. Maybe they could weigh in.


Don't count on it.  Speedball didn't purchase any of the wheel lines before the Clay Boss.  I've got a late 80's MP and they were not able to provide any help when I was trying to find a replacement splash pan.  I know of another potter who had a motor issue on her MP.  Again, calls to Speedball were unproductive.  



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