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Suggestions For A Lime Green Glaze?

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Hey all! My first volley of research didn't garner much, so I figured I'd see what the forum has to offer...


A friend of mine would like me to make something for her in a bright lime green (see attached photos for examples of the color). Any suggestions for a commercially-available glaze? PLEASE note that I don't mix my own for various reasons, so unless you're going to mix it for me and mail it (an option I'm not averse to if someone is willing), I have to go the commercial route. Any brand is fine, but it needs to be either ^05 or ^6. Suggestions?


Thank you all in advance!





...not my personal preference in colors, but it's not going in MY house. ;)

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Link to an item I've sold: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/200353319  (Ignore the lavender, sorry, I just want to show the green) It's a Duncan Concepts underglaze, Light Kiwi, can be fired to Cone 05 or Cone 5, works well and pretty much the same color at either temp. It's a very lime-y green, quite nice and behaves well.


This is probably not the right color but I really like it: Laguna Spring Green MS-74, Cone 5, very nice, not prone to bubbling. A little more of a cool green than you shared, but more vibrant than it appears to be in this photo. A very nice glaze and very pleasant to work with. Doesn't give any trouble. 



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