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Where To Find Blue Hares Glaze ?

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the ingredient that makes the glaze so attractive is probably rutile.  look for the word rutile in the title or recipe and it will probably be the "hare's fur" that you want.  



an ordinary blue glaze looks like blue paint, whether flat or shiny. if you think of a wild rabbit and call it just "brown" someone else will think flat brown like paint.  rutile is the thing that makes the color so much like a wild rabbit.  lots of different brown hairs next to each other add up to a spectacular brown.


maybe some of you who use commercial glazes have colors that do not satisfy you.  if you have nothing to lose anyway, try adding just the tiniest bit of rutile and stirring well.  see if your ugly glaze gains some life.

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Hi East!

What range are you firing in? Are you mixing up your own glazes?

I'm targeting cone 5/6, electric,  not (yet) researching and testing out a Blue Hare's. ...if/when, I'd consider John Hesselberth's, as he's concerned with functionality, safety, durability; see his mid-fire recipe, here


For rutile behavior, I'm very happy with "variegated" from Bill Van Gilder's book; it's bluish over white clay, greenish over red clay, dips well, and on firing smooths well without bein' prone to running ...as entered in GlazeMaster, below.



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5 hours ago, Hulk said:

examples, BVG variegated (the rutile I have/use is medium brownish)




Working on replacing rutile with titanium dioxide and trace red iron oxide and trace ...... whatever. So far have a couple successes that probably will be acceptable and more consistent. Hopefully no longer have to hope the new batch of rutile matches the old.

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