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Happy Birthday Preston

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Kiln load off at 3am this morning. 24 hrs of impatient waiting. For me this is worse than Christmas when I was a kid. I could always wait until the day even if it didn't happen on the 25th but maybe the 6 or 7th of January. Waiting for a kiln to cool is so much more difficult. That is why I will be trying to be occupied for the next 24, but first a nap.


I don't know how much guidance here, and I really don't feel I know as much as so many of you, but I do know that I love the forum and want it to remain a safe and healthy place to discuss all things pottery, and a few side tidbits that make all of us. . .individuals.




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Happy belated Birthday, Preston!


Can't wait to see your kiln unloaded.


I have the same "problem" here. Have to wait another, say, 24 hours till the kiln has cooled down. Did a tripod with black Spanisch clay and porcelain Paper Clay. I know I know, different firing temps... That's the fun of it....


Your kiln should be cool now Preston... Go have a look.



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My kiln takes 24 hrs to cool. as I turned it off this morning at 3am. I figure I can't open til tomorrow morning at 3am, so the closest I'll get to opening the kiln will be tomorrow morning when ever I get up.


Thanks for the b-day wishes. These days. . . just another day. B)

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