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You mean after firing it, in the kiln?


Is it popping off, on its own, or kind of flaking off?


There are a couple reasons glazes can do this. One, is there was something on the ware, before you glazed it ( dust, oils from fingers/ hands, etc) and the glaze doesn't adhere to the clay body. It looks like it does, but because of the dirt or what have you, the glaze doesn't seep into the clay body.


The other reason is a glaze fit issue. If the clay body and glaze don't expand/ contract at the same rate, you have problems. If the glaze shrinks more than the clay, you get crazing, which is tiny cracks in the glaze, or daunting, which can cause the ware to crack. If the clay body shrinks more than the glaze, the glaze essentially bunches up upon itself, and then pops off. The latter may be what happened with your work.


What cone is your clay body, and what cone is your glaze(s)?

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benzine nailed it... If you are a newbe, then you should talk to your supplier and get exactly the glaze that will work with your clay. If you are trying to make ovenware or something to cook in, then this is even more important.


Making cookware is hard. Give us some more information on what you are trying to do.

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Thank you for your answers!
Actually Bob, I`m newbie and I don`t have a kiln so I send the pieces to someone else kiln. 
I want to make pieces to cook in so it`s very important the finish. As Benzine describes I realize I have two problems, not one, but two...... One of them is that in some cases the glaze gets crazing, then as the piece is used the cracks stained. The other problem and the biggest one is that once the pieces have been fired and cooled the glaze pops off. Fortunately, it doesn`t happen all the time, but when it does it´s a disaster...

I send you some pics of my pieces so you could understand better because my English is not very good...

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