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Kiln - fiber vs brick

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Well, after some hemming and hawing and a little financial help from friends and family, I've made the decision to get a spankin' new kiln instead of searching for a used one.

I've decided on an Olympic downdraft DD9.

I have my choice between fiber or brick.

I'm inclined to choose fiber because of portability - both shipping to me and in consideration of a future relocation we're aiming for.

I usually fire cone 10/11 reduction, using propane.


Can anyone tell me advantages of one over the other regarding firing efficiency, durability etc.

Also, after an initial firing, is fiber safe to work around without a mask?



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Fiber is a better insulator in that it reflects the heat rather than absorb it like bricks. Insulating bricks reflect somewhat, but fiber insulates better depending on the thickness and density. Fiber kilns will cool down faster.

You can spray a rigidizer on the fiber to keep the nasty fibers from floating around or from being rubbed loose.

You can also spray it with ITC. Your choice.

Fiber is lighter.

So you just need to decide what factors are important to you and make the call.



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