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3D Printer To Make Master Mould?

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Guest JBaymore

A CNC machine using solid modeling software on a computer (like Rinocerous) can make a master out of plaster or other hard material.  A place I work in Japan does that. 


Easier than trying to use 3-D printing extrusion of a material that sets up fast.





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I have a friend who does exactly this. Pickle plates, flasks, and I believe mug handles for press moulding.

I think he as access to a 3d printer through his teaching job.






Couldn't you just use a 3D printer to make a plastic form, and then use that form to cast a plaster mold?

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Check out the print size before you buy one and make sure it will print big enough for you. My son built one for a 12" size, they are slow to print and not cheap to run. Might be better to find the object you want and purchase it to make the mold.

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