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This is some information about that rare thing - a new film about ceramics :)


We're been working on 'Out of the Tub' these past few years which will be premiering it in November in London.


The film focuses on the life and work of the British Ceramist RJ 'Bob' Washington and sheds new light 20th century ceramics.


Here's the trailer 



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Hello C.A. Martin and welcome to the forum!


Thank you very much for the link. I just posted a copy of your text in the Question of the week- June 02 - topic (see here: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/11961-qotw-do-you-know-movies-books-poems-featuring-potters/page-2).


If you have any news, please inform us. So rare, films about ceramists.


Thanks again. Hope to see you posting again!



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Dear Evelyne

Thank you very much :) We’ll keep the forum posted of further news.

I’m also tweeting news of Bob's film via Twitter @Cliveamartin 


There is also information about the film on the Washington website: www.thewashingtonfoundationuk.com


We've had some great contributors from the UK - including Alun Graves (Victoria and Albert Museum) and Prof. Martin Smith (Royal College of Art). Two of Bob's pots are on display at the V and A and he was student at the RCA - so lots of interesting links, both Artistic and historical.


Best regards

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